Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Votto Interviews, part one

"The denizens of the Ohio River Valley are a particularly nasty breed of American; nevertheless, as I am contracted and well-paid to produce runs and, indeed, victories for the Cincinnati Base Ball Club, I am resolved to put aside every private view, blot from my conscious mind the howling troglodytes that nightly fill our park, and endeavor to engage only in conduct that results in my reaching base, thus avoiding such conduct that causes me to be put out; to inflict a maximum of fatigue of body and torment of mind upon the opposing pitcher, and to frustrate the designs of he and his co-defenders; for I must either strike my opponent's pitch, sending it beyond the reach of the scurrying defenders, and advance as far around the bases as I dare run; or, failing in that, foul his best offerings until he has delivered such number of balls that the impartial umpire, satisfied, declares me the victor of our little contest and awards me my rightful place on first base; until Mr. Hurdle and his Pittsburghs are vanquished (or whichever club opposes us that day) and I and my fellows are filled with high spirits and huzzahs for the Cincinnati Reds."

- Joey Votto, post-game interview, Great American Ballpark, April 15, 2014.

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