Monday, September 12, 2016

The Great Old Reds

For the sake of completeness, I thought I'd generate a list of the most valuable old Reds (age 30 and over):

Rk Player WAR/pos
1 Pete Rose 42.8
2 Joe Morgan 39.3
3 Barry Larkin 35.5
4 Tony Perez 19.2
5 Dave Concepcion 18.5
6 Cy Seymour 18.0
7 Brandon Phillips 16.3
8 Frank McCormick 16.1
9 Johnny Bench 15.6
10 Lonny Frey 15.6
11 Bubbles Hargrave 14.7
12 Ernie Lombardi 14.1
13 George Foster 12.8
14 Ken Griffey 12.7
15 Edd Roush 12.7
16 Joey Votto 12.5
17 Jake Daubert 11.6
18 Jake Beckley 10.7
19 Ray Mueller 10.1
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Generated 9/12/2016.

We have the same thing as with the list of young Reds, where three players achieved greatness as older ballplayers, with a sizable dropoff from 3rd to 4th place. Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, and Barry Larkin all won MVPs as 30-somethings, and Morgan won two.

Bench, Larkin, and Rose are the only players to make the top ten of both lists - the greatest young players and the greatest old players.

Phillips and Votto are still active and climbing the oldies' list. Phillips could pass Cy Seymour and Dave Concepcion and enter the top five, if he claims his no-trade clause again this offseason.

Votto, who turned 33 on Saturday, could pass a pair of Hall-of-Fame centerfielders - Edd Roush and Ken Griffey Jr. - as well as George Foster before season's end, and he should crack the top 10 some time next year.

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