Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bonds in the 2nd Half

The other day I suggested that Joey Votto's 2nd half in 2016 was the best in living memory. I try not to be guilty of hyperbole too often on this blog, even in regards to Joey Votto, unless I'm doing it on purpose.

I just assumed you knew I didn't mean that Votto's post-All Star break numbers this year, as fantastic as they are, compared to the half-season accomplishments of Barry Bonds (who was fired by the Marlins yesterday after just one season as hitting coach).

Bonds' best two consecutive seasons were 2001 and 2002, which won him the 4th and 5th of his 7 MVP awards. And even though his first-half production was already the envy of anybody else playing, he was even better in the 2nd half, leading the Giants to the postseason in '02. Here are his 2nd-half numbers for those two years:


Bonds slugged over .900 after the break in '01, and batted over .400 with a .600 OBP in the 2nd half the following year.

He only played 50 games after the break in 2003, but hit .388/.587/.806 while leading the Giants to the playoffs again. His 2004 splits were identical: a 1.421 OPS in both halves. To put it in context, only David Ortiz topped 1.000 OPS for the year in 2016.

Yeah yeah, steroids and all. It's still impressive.

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  1. Yes indeed, as usual a great hitter not so good coach aka . . Babe Ruth or Ted Williams