Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The All-Time, All-Generations Team

I identified the baseball generations and the best player of each generation. But it didn't occur to me until I was almost finished with the leaderboards that there are exactly nine MLB-playing generations. Nine positions, nine innings, nine generations. This wasn't intentional, I promise; it just sort of worked out that way. Also, from the first National cohort (1835, birthyear of Harry Wright) to the last Millennial cohort (1996, birthyear of Julio Urias) there are 162 birthyear-cohorts: exactly 18 birthyears per generation. (162 games per season, 18 half-innings per game...)

Anyways, what if we made an all-time team, where we have not only one player for each position, but one player for each generation?

Using Adam Darowski's Hall Rating as a guideline, I assembled the best possible all-time starting line-up that represents all nine generations (one player from each generation). I even sorted them into a batting order:

PosPlayerGenerationHall Rating
CFWillie MaysSilent336
SSHonus WagnerDead-Ball284
RFBabe RuthLive-Ball399
LFTed WilliamsG.I.279
3BAlex RodriguezGeneration X245
1BCap AnsonNational215
2BRobinson CanoMillennial123
CJohnny BenchBoom181
PCy YoungAmerican336

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