Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Brandon Phillips has been traded to the Braves for two minor-league pitchers.

Going by WAR, BP is the third-greatest Reds' second baseman of all time, behind only Joe Morgan and Bid McPhee. He's second only to Morgan since 1901.

Also, he's the 9th-best "old Red" (age 30 and over) position player, and 7th-best since 1901.

Phillips was born in 1981. I place the 1981 cohort at the beginning of the Millennial Generation (as opposed to the end of Generation X, like Strauss & Howe have it).

Since Phillips, who will turn 36 this year, is in the first wave of a generation that is still mid-career, and since he was a starter for 11 years with the Reds, he ranks (for now) in the top 10 among his Millennial peers in a variety of counting stats: 4th in at bats, 5th in games, 5th in PA, 6th in HBP, 7th in hits, 8th (tied) in sac flies, 9th in RBI, 9th in total bases, and 10th in runs scored.

However, he's also 3rd in outs, 5th in GIDP, and 8th in caught stealing.

Many people take WAR's fielding metrics with a huge grain of salt, but for what it's worth, WAR has evaluated BP as a very good (but not spectacular) fielder. He has 9.4 career defensive WAR, which ranks 19th among Millennials.

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