Monday, March 6, 2017

Louisville Slugger (and Glover)

Like the Reds' previous All-star left fielder whose name starts with "Adam Du-", Adam Duvall is very good at two things, and two things only. Adam Dunn was good at getting on base and hitting for power, and nothing else. Adam Duvall is good at hitting for power and playing defense, and nothing else.

In fact, thanks to his 33 homeruns and 16 defensive runs saved above average in 2016, Duvall had, according to bWAR, the most valuable season ever by a left fielder (min. 50 games in LF) with a sub-.300 on-base percentage:

Rk Player WAR OBP Year Tm
1Adam Duvall3.2.2972016CIN
2Luis Gonzalez2.6.2891992HOU
3Bob Ganley2.5.2991908WSH
4Colby Rasmus2.2.2862016HOU
5Eddie Rosario2.2.2892015MIN
6Khris Davis2.1.2992014MIL
7Don Kelly2.1.2722010DET
8Joe Hornung2.0.2921884BSN
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