Friday, May 19, 2017

All-time Rockies

Since Marty has also seen a lot of the Reds' opponents in his 44 years of broadcasting, I thought I'd do all-star teams for other franchises, too, as the Reds encounter them. (And since the Colorado Rockies have only existed as a franchise since 1993, Marty's Rockies are the all-time Rockies.)

Same rules apply: highest career WAR while playing for the franchise from 1974 to 2017; roster mix of 5 starting pitchers, 5 relievers, and 7 bench players; minimum 200 games at a position for position players, 50 games started for starters, and 100 relief appearances for relievers.

In the stats listed below, WAR is the player's career total with the franchise, but other counting stats are at a per-season rate (162 games for position players, 34 starts for starting pitchers, and 68 relief appearances for relievers).

Line Up

2BDJ LeMahieu12.2.30065516.353.399
CFEllis Burks11.9.3063610516.378.579
RFLarry Walker48.2.3343611717.426.618
1BTodd Helton61.2.316271013.414.539
SSTroy Tulowitzki39.2.299291029.371.513
LFCarlos Gonzalez22.3.2923210218.350.526
3BNolan Arenado22.4.286331092.333.524
CChris Iannetta8.2.23522832.357.430


OFMatt Holliday18.4.3193011215.386.552
IFVinny Castilla17.4.294351103.340.530
IFAndres Galarraga14.6.3164113813.367.577
OFCharlie Blackmon10.3.299217126.348.476
IFClint Barmes9.4.254156910.300.404
IFEric Young9.3.29586048.378.412
CJeff Reed4.2.28616592.373.456


SPUbaldo Jimenez18.7141103.662101911.28
SPAaron Cook16.8111004.53201851.47
SPJorge De La Rosa15.1141004.351901641.38
SPJhoulys Chacin14.2111403.781961501.34
SPPedro Astacio10.7141305.432171971.46
RPSteve Reed11.85423.6374521.27
RPAdam Ottavino6.83333.3578831.27
RPCurt Leskanic6.86444.9287771.47
RPBruce Ruffin6.645163.8485841.45
RPBrian Fuentes9.834183.3865751.24


  1. The Rockies have always been terrible at catcher and this just proves it.

    1. Well, the Reds since 1993 haven't done much better:

      1. LaRue, 9 WAR
      2. Hanigan, 7 WAR
      3. Taubensee, 5 WAR
      4. Mesoraco, 4 WAR