Wednesday, May 31, 2017

All-time Blue Jays

You'd think the current Reds were playing the all-time Blue Jays in that first game.

Since Marty has also seen a lot of the Reds' opponents in his 44 years of broadcasting, I thought I'd do all-star teams for other franchises, too, as the Reds encounter them. (And since the Toronto Blue Jays have only existed as a franchise since 1977, Marty's Blue Jays are the all-time Blue Jays.)

Same rules apply: highest career WAR while playing for the franchise from 1974 to 2017; roster mix of 5 starting pitchers, 5 relievers, and 7 bench players; minimum 200 games at a position for position players, 50 games started for starters, and 100 relief appearances for relievers.

In the stats listed below, WAR is the player's career total with the franchise, but other counting stats are at a per-season rate (162 games for position players, 34 starts for starting pitchers, and 68 relief appearances for relievers).

Line Up

2BRoberto Alomar22.1.307137947.382.451
3BJosh Donaldson16.6.290401136.387.557
RFJose Bautista38.3.260391048.381.524
1BCarlos Delgado36.8.282381201.392.556
DHEdwin Encarnacion24.2.268391106.355.522
LFGeorge Bell21.1.286281028.325.486
CFVernon Wells28.6.280269510.329.475
CErnie Whitt19.3.25317693.327.420
SSTony Fernandez37.1.29776819.353.412


OFJesse Barfield29.5.26528839.334.483
OFLloyd Moseby26.0.257177630.333.415
OFShannon Stewart18.6.298136630.365.440
IFAaron Hill17.2.26518767.318.413
CGregg Zaun10.7.25514661.354.399
IFAlex Gonzalez9.6.245156415.304.386


SPDave Stieb57.2141103.422311331.24
SPRoy Halladay48.417903.432321691.20
SPJimmy Key30.0141013.422031131.20
SPPat Hentgen26.7141104.282191381.39
SPJim Clancy25.3121404.102151211.36
RPDavid Wells15.013824.061761201.28
RPPaul Quantrill11.25633.6787561.44
RPMark Eichhorn11.57543.03117881.24
RPDuane Ward10.655183.18971011.24
RPTom Henke16.944332.4886981.02

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