Wednesday, June 7, 2017

4-Homer Games, by Generation

Last night, Scooter Gennett became the 2nd Millennial and just the 17th player overall (and, perhaps most impressively, the first Cincinnati Red) to hit four homeruns in a single game.

Here is the full list, by generation. Unsurprisingly, Generation X has the most 4-homer games, with four:

National (born 1835-1856) - none
American (born 1857-1873) - Bobby Lowe (1894), Ed Delahanty (1896)
Deadball (born 1874-1892) - none
Ruthian (born 1893-1911) - Lou Gehrig (1932), Chuck Klein (1936)
G.I. (born 1912-1928) - Pat Seerey (1948), Gil Hodges (1950), Joe Adcock (1954)
Silent (born 1929-1944) - Rocky Colavito (1959), Willie Mays (1961)
Boom (born 1945-1961) - Mike Schmidt (1976), Bob Horner (1986)
Gen X (born 1962-1980) - Mark Whiten (1993), Mike Cameron (2002), Shawn Green (2002), Carlos Delgado (2003)
Millennial (born 1981-1996) - Josh Hamilton (2012), Scooter Gennett (2017)


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