Friday, June 9, 2017

BAM 3000

Bryce Harper now has exactly 3,000 plate appearances in his career, which means he qualifies for rate statistics on the baseball-reference leaderboards. Also (and more germane to this blog) he qualifies for my generational leaderboards.

Harper, a Millennial (1992 cohort), currently boasts a solid .282 batting average, which puts him in a tie for 40th with Starlin Castro, Jonathan Lucroy, and Ben Revere, among 141 qualified Millennials.

Harper's .386 on-base percentage, however, is much more impressive, ranking 6th in his cohort-group:

Rk Player OBP Born PA
1Joey Votto.42519835694
2Mike Trout.40819913764
3Paul Goldschmidt.40119873618
4Miguel Cabrera.39819839198
5Joe Mauer.39019837031
6Bryce Harper.38619923000
7Prince Fielder.38219846853
8Shin-Soo Choo.38019825288
9Andrew McCutchen.37819865422
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Generated 6/9/2017.

Paul Goldschmidt this season has joined Joey Votto and Mike Trout as the only Millennials with a career .400+ OBP.

Harper also cracks the Top 10 in Slugging %, becoming the 11th Millennial with a .500+ SLG (and pushing the retired Prince Fielder out of the Top 10). Meanwhile, before he got injured, Trout surged past the aging Miguel Cabrera to claim top ranking among Millennial sluggers.

Rk Player SLG Born PA
1Mike Trout.56719913764
2Miguel Cabrera.55919839198
3Ryan Braun.54419835936
4Giancarlo Stanton.54019893678
5Joey Votto.53919835694
6Paul Goldschmidt.52919873618
7Josh Hamilton.51619814350
8Carlos Gonzalez.51319854584
9Bryce Harper.51119923000
10Josh Donaldson.50719853185
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Unsurprisingly, Harper also ranks in the Millennial top 10 in OPS, in a rounded-to-the-third-digit tie for 6th with another NL East right fielder, Giancarlo Stanton:

Rk Player OPS Born PA
1Mike Trout.97519913764
2Joey Votto.96319835694
3Miguel Cabrera.95819839198
4Paul Goldschmidt.93019873618
5Ryan Braun.91019835936
6Bryce Harper.89719923000
7Giancarlo Stanton.89719893678
8Prince Fielder.88719846853
9Josh Donaldson.87419853185
10Freddie Freeman.87119893955
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And he's tied with another NL outfielder (and former MVP), Ryan Braun, for 6th in OPS+:

Rk Player OPS+ Born PA
1Mike Trout17319913764
2Joey Votto15719835694
3Miguel Cabrera15419839198
4Paul Goldschmidt14819873618
5Giancarlo Stanton14219893678
6Ryan Braun14119835936
7Bryce Harper14119923000
8Josh Donaldson13919853185
9Freddie Freeman13719893955
10Buster Posey13719873901
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Finally, he's tied with Goldschmidt for 8th in Isolated Power:

Rk Player ISO Born PA
1Giancarlo Stanton.27319893678
2Mike Trout.25919913764
3Chris Davis.24819864414
4Ryan Braun.24119835936
5Miguel Cabrera.23919839198
6Carlos Quentin.23219823247
7Edwin Encarnacion.23019836443
8Paul Goldschmidt.22919873618
9Bryce Harper.22919923000
10Josh Donaldson.22819853185
11Mike Napoli.22819815048
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Two years ago, Harper posted Millennial single-season records in OBP (.460), SLG (.649), OPS (1.109), and OPS+ (198). He also notched the 3rd-highest Millennial ISO, behind only Chris Davis in 2013 and Prince Fielder in 2007.

We're only a little more than a week into June, but as of today, only the injured Mike Trout is ahead of Harper's 2015 OBP mark (barely, at .461). And among qualified batters, only Trout (.742), Ryan Zimmerman (.696), and Aaron Judge (.670) are ahead of his 2015 SLG. So far in 2017, only Trout has a higher OPS and OPS+ than Harper did in 2015.

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