Friday, June 9, 2017

Marty's Dodgers

Since Marty has also seen a lot of the Reds' opponents in his 44 years of broadcasting, I thought I'd do all-star teams for other franchises, too, as the Reds encounter them.

Same rules apply: highest career WAR while playing for the franchise from 1974 to 2017; roster mix of 5 starting pitchers, 5 relievers, and 7 bench players; minimum 200 games at a position for position players, 50 games started for starters, and 100 relief appearances for relievers.

In the stats listed below, WAR is the player's career total with the franchise, but other counting stats are at a per-season rate (162 games for position players, 34 starts for starting pitchers, and 68 relief appearances for relievers).

Line Up

2BDavey Lopes28.2.261145358.349.385
CFMatt Kemp21.0.292269425.349.495
CMike Piazza31.9.331391262.394.572
RFPedro Guerrero32.8.309279113.381.512
LFAndre Ethier21.7.28518773.359.463
3BRon Cey43.4.26626932.361.452
1BSteve Garvey32.3.306221028.341.467
SSBill Russell22.4.26534812.312.334


CMike Scioscia26.2.2598503.344.356
IFAdrian Beltre23.3.274258610.332.463
OFDusty Baker19.9.281218511.343.437
IFSteve Sax15.8.28244943.339.356
IFRafael Furcal15.4.283126029.351.406
OFBrett Butler14.9.29834138.392.368
IFAdrian Gonzalez14.2.282231001.342.457


SPClayton Kershaw55.416802.362272481.00
SPOrel Hershiser39.9141113.122241501.21
SPFernando Valenzuela33.0151203.312451841.28
SPBob Welch32.7141013.142211571.21
SPRamon Martinez26.1161003.452231691.28
RPAlejandro Pena12.87762.921481101.22
RPTom Niedenfuer9.876142.7697771.18
RPJay Howell10.565242.0789751.09
RPKenley Jansen12.832312.14681060.88
RPEric Gagne10.954323.271071241.11

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