Friday, October 27, 2017

Marty's Astros

The Reds' season is over, but it's October and ten teams (now just two) are still playing baseball. I already made Marty's teams for all 15 NL teams, as well as the Yankees and Indians, but I neglected to make a team for the Red Sox when they were in Cincy for the final home series, and the Reds didn't play the Twins or Astros this year.

Same rules apply: highest career WAR while playing for the franchise from 1974 to 2017; roster mix of 5 starting pitchers, 5 relievers, and 7 bench players (6 on an AL team with the DH); minimum 200 games at a position for position players, 50 games started for starters, and 100 relief appearances for relievers.

In the stats listed below, WAR is the player's career total with the franchise, but other counting stats are at a per-season rate (162 games for position players, 34 starts for starting pitchers, and 68 relief appearances for relievers).

Line Up

CCraig Biggio65.2.281176724.363.433
2BJose Altuve29.6.316146638.362.453
1BJeff Bagwell79.8.2973411515.408.540
RFLance Berkman48.2.296331118.410.549
SSCarlos Correa16.4.2883011113.366.498
CFCesar Cedeno30.6.283168356.353.439
LFJose Cruz51.4.292128225.359.429
DHEvan Gattis4.7.25132951.303.477
3BKen Caminiti16.4.26415827.330.402


IFBill Doran30.2.267105627.355.374
OFTerry Puhl28.6.28174623.349.389
OFRichard Hidalgo17.7.27827939.356.501
IFDickie Thon16.1.27094927.329.395
IFMorgan Ensberg14.2.26625815.367.475
CJason Castro9.6.23216561.309.390


SPRoy Oswalt45.716903.242211821.20
SPNolan Ryan25.4131103.132242251.21
SPMike Scott24.8141103.302221721.14
SPJoe Niekro23.1141113.222211151.26
SPJ.R. Richard21.4161103.062442241.23
RPDanny Darwin12.411833.211741231.16
RPKen Forsch13.910982.90163721.22
RPOctavio Dotel11.15593.25951171.17
RPDave Smith12.666242.5392641.19
RPBilly Wagner16.244332.53741021.04

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