Leaders by Generation

The links below go to pages containing single season and career leaders by generation. For each category and generation, the top ten players are shown. If required by ties, eleven players are shown. If ties would require more than eleven players to be shown, none of the last tied group are included.

For single season leaders, statistics from the National League era (1876-2016) are counted. For career leaders, the National Association years (1871-1875) are also included. (This distinction only affects Cap Anson's National Generation. Every player from the eight succeeding baseball generations, with the sole exception of one Bill Crowley, debuted in 1876 or later anyway.)

For single season rate statistics, only those seasons where the player qualified for the batting title, ERA title, or winning percentage title are included. Currently, the standards are 3.1 Plate Appearances per team game (for the batting title), 1 Inning Pitched per team game (for the ERA title), and 1 decision for every 12 team games (for winning percentage). But the standards have changed over time. Here is baseball-reference's list of standards used.

For career rate statistics, the minimum numbers to qualify are 3,000 PA, 1,000 IP, and 100 decisions. For SB%, 20 stolen base attempts (for single season leaders) or 100 stolen base attempts (for career leaders) are needed to qualify.

Batting Leaderboards

Games PlayedSingle-SeasonCareer
Plate AppearancesSingle-SeasonCareer
At BatsSingle-SeasonCareer
Runs ScoredSingle-SeasonCareer
Home RunsSingle-SeasonCareer
Runs Batted InSingle-SeasonCareer
Bases on BallsSingle-SeasonCareer
Intentional WalksSingle-SeasonCareer
Stolen BasesSingle-SeasonCareer
Caught StealingSingle-SeasonCareer
Hit By PitchSingle-SeasonCareer
Sacrifice HitsSingle-SeasonCareer
Sacrifice FliesSingle-SeasonCareer
Batting AverageSingle-SeasonCareer
On-Base PercentageSingle-SeasonCareer
Slugging %Single-SeasonCareer
On-Base Plus SluggingSingle-SeasonCareer
Adjusted OPS+Single-SeasonCareer
Isolated PowerSingle-SeasonCareer
BA on Balls in PlaySingle-SeasonCareer
Runs CreatedSingle-SeasonCareer
Grounded Into DPSingle-SeasonCareer
Total BasesSingle-SeasonCareer
Extra Base HitsSingle-SeasonCareer
Times on BaseSingle-SeasonCareer
AB per SOSingle-SeasonCareer
SB %Single-SeasonCareer
Wins Above AverageSingle-SeasonCareer
Wins Above ReplacementSingle-SeasonCareer
Offensive WARSingle-SeasonCareer
Defensive WARSingle-SeasonCareer
Batting RunsSingle-SeasonCareer
GIDP RunsSingle-SeasonCareer
Baserunning RunsSingle-SeasonCareer
DP+BR RunsSingle-SeasonCareer
Fielding RunsSingle-SeasonCareer

Pitching Leaderboards

Win-Loss %Single-SeasonCareer
Games PlayedSingle-SeasonCareer
Games StartedSingle-SeasonCareer
Complete GamesSingle-SeasonCareer
Games FinishedSingle-SeasonCareer
Innings PitchedSingle-SeasonCareer
Earned Run AverageSingle-SeasonCareer
Fielding-Indep. PitchingSingle-SeasonCareer
Adjusted ERA+Single-SeasonCareer
Earned RunsSingle-SeasonCareer
Bases on BallsSingle-SeasonCareer
Home RunsSingle-SeasonCareer
Batters FacedSingle-SeasonCareer
Wild PitchesSingle-SeasonCareer
Intentional WalksSingle-SeasonCareer
Hit By PitchSingle-SeasonCareer
Bases On Balls per 9 IPSingle-SeasonCareer
Home Runs per 9 IPSingle-SeasonCareer
Strikeouts per 9 IPSingle-SeasonCareer
Hits per 9 IPSingle-SeasonCareer
Walks & Hits per IPSingle-SeasonCareer
Strikeouts / Bases on BallsSingle-SeasonCareer
Wins Above AverageSingle-SeasonCareer
Wins Above ReplacementSingle-SeasonCareer
Stolen BasesSingle-SeasonCareer
Caught StealingSingle-SeasonCareer

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